Families are the foundational building block of our society, closely followed by the community. Sadly, we continue to see the family under attack, both via direct attacks on the family through new regulations, as well as the indirect attack of placing greater and greater debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren, eventually leading to additional taxes on every aspect of our lives.

In my time running to be the UCP candidate in my home riding of Calgary-Bow, I was able to speak with many residents, some who will vote conservative and some who won’t. I enjoyed my time identifying the issues that most concerned them and thinking of ways by which we may solve the problems before us today. Through this process, I came to the realization that some systems need a complete restructure, while others need to be worked on with the intent of making them more pointed and efficient. While I was unable to earn the nomination, my desire to see change take place remains strong.

Sadly, one thing I discovered was that Canadian apathy and ignorance, on politics in particular, is alive and well. There is much we do not know, and just as much that many do not care to know and/or discuss. At the end of November, it was brought to light once again that we all need to know what is going on in our home province of Alberta, as well as around this nation. With this in mind, I began to aggregate various news stories and issues with regard to social issues surrounding family and community and send them out as a newsletter to friends and groups I am associated with.

All photography provided by Eldon Siemens


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