When my children were born, we were a debt-free province. Yes, we still had to deal with the federal debt, but I could say with certainty that I was leaving my children with a province in a better state than it had been a decade earlier. Sadly, this is no longer true and our kids are going to end up saddled with the load this current generation is creating for them. 

We must continuously remind ourselves that debt is slavery. It takes away our freedoms. It makes us do things we do not want to do. Debt makes us slaves to the banks, to those whom we owe our finances. I cannot go on a vacation to Tahiti, let alone Quebec, because I have mortgage payments to make, thus I am not truly free. Instead, I work hard so that I can pay off my mortgage and then be free to do what I want. Our government must have such a mindset, as well. We currently have a debt of $45B, serviced at $1.4B/year, with an expected debt of $71B and servicing cost of $2.3B/year for the 2019/2020 budget. That is the entire Calgary Cancer Centre's cost, paid to the bank, this year alone, as well as another $1B for the West Ring Road. If we do not right this ship now, our children will be forced to do it for us, at a much greater cost.