As someone who has spent time in the private (1 year), public (4 years) and home educated (7) school systems, and now having researched the options as a parent and making the decision to home educate my own children, the issue of choice is very important to me. The ones who knows a child best should always be their parents. We are the ones who have seen our children develop, from birth, into the young adults they are all-to-quickly growing into. It is the parents, and not the teachers, administrators, bureaucrats and politicians who know what is in the best interest of our kids. As such, we also know what educational choice is best for the kids, as well as what works for the parents.

Naturally, not everyone has the option to send their kids to a private school (it costs more) nor to home educate (it consumes more time), but for those who make the sacrifices required in order to choose these options, it may be the most important decision in their child's life (not to mention the family's). Sadly, many people believe that in order to be 'fair' and 'equitable', all kids must receive the same form and content in their education.

The reality of the situation, however, is that the single-source education system may hold some children back, while at the same time failing others. When schools are able to make decisions on their own, free of government interference, new options arise which allow them to stand out from the crowd and thrive where others may not. While I am not advocating for a cut back on the funding, I do believe there are serious concerns we must address with the existing system. For more information, follow the link below: