Education, it falls under the purview of the government, but why?

At some point it was determined that the education of our children was important enough an issue that the government itself should support the education of the nation’s children. This, in itself, is not controversial. The focus of the government, however, should be to ensure our children have the opportunity to learn. This includes ensuring there are places available for our children to learn at and individuals to ensure they are taught well, which is why the government pays for the infrastructure and the staffing. Again, nothing controversial at this point.

What does become controversial is that once it is determined education is the government’s responsibility, we must clarify the scale and control the government has over the education system. In Alberta, we have school choice, at least on paper. Any parent can technically send their child to any school in the province, and the funding follows that student to the school. That doesn’t mean there will be space available in the school you desire to register your kids in, but that you are able to ensure your child receives a full education based on what the government has determined to be most important. Controversies arise when the views of the parent conflict with the views of the government who runs the school, and with a government that may change from one year to the next, this is entirely likely. Unfortunately, at this point, the government holds all the power, not the parent, despite what our own laws and international agreements state.