How have you helped with the UCP since the party was formed last year?

  • When the legacy parties dissolved, I was the Secretary for the previous Wildrose Constituency Association (CA). In forming the new UCP CA board, I again offered up my services as Secretary for the board. During this time I helped to organize methods of communication and documentation necessary for the formally elected CA Board, which would come into existence in May 2018. Additionally, I worked on our constituency’s policy committee, helping to refine and create the policies that would end up being presented to the members at our founding AGM. After handing over the Constituency Association to the new board, I made the decision to announce my run for the candidacy here in the riding of Calgary-Bow, where I have been out meeting the constituents and ensuring members are informed of what is going on and encouraging them to get involved as well as get out and vote.

I don’t like Jason Kenney - why should I vote for you or the UCP?

  • I don’t work for Jason Kenney, I work for you, the constituents, you are my boss.

  • This is why I support recall legislation, because it is the voter to whom I am accountable to. Mr. Kenney is the leader of the Party, and however the policy document was written and voted on by members, it was those who found it important enough to get involved that should have the most say.

How are you going to get the government out of my life?

  • Unfortunately, it has not been just the past 3 years we have seen government extend its tentacles into our lives and its hands in our pockets, but decades of growth and refusal to say “no!” In the 90s we saw Klein step up and make the hard decisions necessary in order to return our province to a balanced budget, but in the years following his departure the PC party continued to spend far beyond their reach, simply because the money was there. Now, as we have seen, the money is gone, for many different reasons, and once again we must sever, completely or in part, the many aspects the government has intruded in our lives. The government does not know what is best for us, and we must tell them just that.

  • Our taxes are used in many ways, some the majority of Albertans agree with, such as health care or education, but others are mere money pits, such as social engineering and climate change. Anything that takes away an individual’s choice should be examined more closely, identify where the government control is, and remove it.

  • Why am I talking about money when the question is about government? Because wherever there is funding, there is the government, and those are the areas we need to cut back on government spending.

Will you vote against the party if your constituents tell you to?

  • I will vote first and foremost for my constituents, as per our party’s policy document. If the caucus chooses to change direction and go against that document, we need to justify that change before the party membership. I do not believe MLA’s need to be or should be told how to vote. We must be knowledgeable about every issue that comes before us in the legislature

How are you different from the other contestants?

  • I am not a politician, nor is it a role I want to play. I want to be your representative, not playing games but actually getting things done and building relationships with the people.  I do not try to hide who I am simply to get elected, I don’t try to rewrite history simply to become more palatable to the political sphere. I will work hard because I enjoy doing so and because you demand it of me.

  • I run on conviction, and part of that demands I be completely honest and true to myself and to you, the voters. I run my life on Christian values, and am accountable to God first and foremost, so when I am told not to lie, cheat, steal, covet or kill, those