How will you fix the education system?

The system is damaged, perhaps beyond simple repair.

We are not able to direct our taxpayer dollars to the private school system we prefer, only the public or Catholic systems. How will you fix this?

We all pay taxes, but can (or should) we be able to direct where that funding goes?


What can we do for small businesses, now that minimum wage is $15/hr?

Why do we even have a minimum wage?

Why the hatred for the carbon tax?

Is the carbon tax really that bad?

Once we get rid of the carbon tax, how will we decrease our carbon emissions?

But if we don’t force emissions cuts, our world will be dead in 12 years!

How will you get us back in the black?

Will you blow up hospitals like Klein did?

What will you do to get our product to the market?

What do we want? Pipeline! When do we want them? Now!


Can the health care system be fixed?

Canada, China, North Korea. We’re in great company!

What are your thoughts on marijuana legalization?

No flashy headline comes to mind, just click if you’re interested to hear my thoughts.


What will you do about the lack of funding for those on AISH? (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped)

Guaranteed income, a promise by the province to care for those unable (not unwilling) to take care of themselves.

What can you do about the tenant/landlord system?

I can’t get rid of my tenants, and they’re destroying my property!

What is your stance on the Bowness berm?

Putting a wall around Bowness’ most expensive properties.

What is your stance on the gravel pit outside of West Springs?

One day, before I retire, the Ring Road may actually be completed...

What is your stance on the 2026 Olympics?

“We’re broke!”, AKA “No way!”


How have you helped with the UCP since the party was formed last year?

How have you gotten to this place?

I don’t like Jason Kenney - why should I vote for you or the UCP?

Are you voting for the Leader, the Party, or the Individual?

How are you going to get the government out of my life?

Always someone pulling my strings, telling me where to go, what to do, what to say.

Will you vote against the party if your constituents tell you to?

In the end, who holds the power: the party or the people?

How are you different from the other contestants?

What makes me a better choice than the others?