Once upon a time, you could boil the basics of the school system down to "the 3 R's" of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. We have additional subjects as well, such as science and social studies (including such topics of geography and history), rounding out the 4 core subjects most schools teach today, or at least did when I graduated. Many people, however, are hesitant on the new subjects and points of view our children are learning today.

The abject failure of ‘discovery math’ has taken Alberta from the top of the international rankings in mathematics to the bottom. Now, under the NDP’s current curriculum rewrite, we see Albertans completely removed from the social studies curriculum, focusing instead on the so-called social justice issues they themselves are so focused on. History has taken a back seat to ideology. In both these instances, one under the previous Progressive Conservative government and the second under the NDP, ideology was at the heart of the change, and the results have been and will continue to be catastrophic.

With these things in mind, we must remove government from the school in what they teach, returning to the basics of literacy and numeracy. Ideology should not be permitted to be added to curriculum by the government, leaving the individual schools (which the parents choose for their children) to determine what is taught and how.