In Alberta, the government monopoly is the one paying for this system, which then leads us to ask how much control that very government has over the system. While the public and Catholic school systems are fully funded, the separate systems only receive partial funding (~$5,000 per student), and those who choose to home educate get the least (<$900 per child may be reimbursed for curriculum, materials, etc). As was initially mentioned, the funding is to ensure a student receives an education, but in the case of the private schools, parents are required to pay the difference for their child’s education. This difference is often thousands of dollars more per year, yet many parents (35,000 students) make this sacrifice in order to ensure their children receive a solid education, often from a worldview they support.

The government today, however, believes they should determine all aspects of education, from the what to the how, and everything in between. On August 30th, we were told by the education minister, David Eggen, he will defund 61 school if they do not teach what he tells them to teach. He is quoted to say “If you’re receiving public money, then you must comply with the rules, just like everybody else.” Unfortunately, there is neither an option to receive no funding, nor any protection for parents who disagree with his ideology and worldview. You may or may not agree with the Minister on the issue at hand, but we must not continue to permit the total and absolute control over the raising of our children by one man or government and their ideology.