Parental Notification

In the Alberta School Act, under Section 50 and 50.1, you will find specific clauses regarding the teaching of religion and human sexuality and the requirement of the school to notify parents and provide the option to opt-out when these issues are going to be discussed. It is because these topics are often seen as controversial to parents, that they are given special notice in the Act. Even the UN Declaration of Human Rights gives parents the "prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children."

Unfortunately, under Bill 24, the current government has actively removed these rights, placing a specific type of club, commonly known as Gay-Straight Alliances, explicitly outside of the protections originally implemented. Even before this bill had passed, access to pornographic material had been provided to students by the ISMSS (a group backing GSA's, led by Kristopher Wells) with no consequences. With the additional changes to the School Act, this same material may now be provided to students while receiving legal protection under the law. 

One case which I must bring up involves an 11 year old autistic girl, who through circumstances and relationships at school, began to identify as a boy at school and a girl at home. The parents had no idea this was going on, right up until the school informed them she had talked to the guidance counsellor about struggling with suicide. Sadly, under the new changes to the School Act, it is now legally impermissible for the school to inform parents of anything relating to sexuality, at any age, even up to this point. Click here for more information.

Our rights as parents to control what our children learn has been lost, much of it handed over willingly. We must remove power from the state and return it to the hands of parents, for it is they who know what is best for their own children.