Sadly, many jobs have already left the province, never to return. Others simply never materialized, as there is no longer a financial incentive to move to Alberta or even start a new business venture here. The risks are too great, and the chances for a return on investment are too low. 

We have seen governments at all levels demonize our province and its well-managed resource development time and time again. We have foreign interests attacking us while investing in their own resources at home. We now have our own government doing the same, all the while layering on regulation after regulation. I cannot count the number of businesses I personally have seen go under in the past few years, each one of those feeding 5 to 50 mouths or more. If we cannot support our small businesses, they will disappear.

I personally know one individual who needs to hire on an extra employee in order to make it through the summer, but is unable due to the literal tens of thousands of dollars in increased business costs, forcing him to work overtime simply to make ends meet. We cannot allow this to continue.