Social Conservative Issues - January 27, 2019

"The suppression and silencing of men whose views conflict with the opinions of the group at present in power is a cause of great concern to all Christians who believe in upholding the freedom to preach God's word." Bishop George Bell of Chichester to Ludwig Müller, German Reich Bishop, 1933, on the removal of 'non-Aryan' Christians from their positions in the Church

The part of the above quote that stuck out to me most was "the group at present in power". This applies equally to the right as to the left. The moment we stop discussing the issues, those opposing the status quo have lost. We must remain informed and active in the issues that are important to us.


Haven’t heard a lot on the education front this week, outside of registration for AHEA Convention 2019 opening up. Let me also remind you to please look into Jeremy Williamson’s open letter to the Alberta Ombudsman, sign it and forward it to everyone you know. I am frustrated to see a mere 581 signatures on a letter of this importance. Judging by Jeremy’s followup post labelled Government Criminality, he’s feeling it too.


Today was International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Jan 27), and a CBC report on several surveys revealed 1 in 5 Canadian young people are not sure what the holocaust was about or hadn’t heard of it. In Britain, 1 in 20 adults do not believe the holocaust took place, and nearly 2/3rds were unaware of or underestimated the number of people killed.

I would like to believe homeschoolers in general have a better understanding of history, local and international, but this is just a reminder that we cannot allow this subject to slide, whichever system we choose to educate our children.

A View from the Left

Remember that word “progress”? Yeah, it’s as scary as ever. I discovered this article from ThinkProgress that places the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defence Association) as being a Russian pawn trying to infiltrate America. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but remember, people actually read this and believe it. Read the first paragraph and you’ll be hooked! Well, that or enraged…

Bills 24 & GSA’s

Again, not a lot on this topic at this time. A few articles of note include an opinion column from the Barhead Leader and an article on a presentation by Parents for Choice in Education in the MyGrandePrairieNow. Out east in Ontario, however, Sue-Anne Levy has written a great article on what their students really need. Check it out.

Charter Freedoms

Outside of the charter freedoms affecting conscience rights to be discussed in the next section, we have a recurring issue across this country wherein anyone who holds to traditional or religious views on issues such as sexuality, they are tagged as ‘hateful’ or ‘bigots’ and actively shut down by individuals and groups at various levels of government. Once again, John Carpay is representing a church organization kicked out of a publicly run space for holding to traditional Christian values. Sadly, this is not unlike the American Vice-President’s wife returning to work at a Christian school where she has already taught for a decade making headline news.


The last two weeks have been abuzz with issues regarding abortion and euthanasia, particularly in the United States, but we have had some political changes up here, as well. In Canada, we have different issues than in the US, the most obvious right now being conscience rights, as it affects all medical professionals in regards to both controversial issues.

Conscience Rights

In Ontario, there has been a decision made by the courts that a doctor MUST refer a doctor who will actively assist them in dying, regardless of their conscience or religious belief. While this was recently heard by the Ontario Court of Appeals, we are now awaiting a response. On January 24th, John Carpay from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms spoke with Danielle Smith on the radio regarding this case. Additionally, ARPA Canada has written on this issue, speaking in particular to how conscientious objections (often religiously based) will prevent many from entering the medical profession, being warned in advance their conscience rights will not be protected. Both conversations are worth looking into.


Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shuffled his cabinet, which may not mean much with only 10 months left until the next election. One of the changes was the removal of Jody Wilson-Raybould from her position of Justice Minister, to be replaced by David Lametti. Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Provention Coalition made note of this change due to the positions of Mr Lametti when drafting Bill C-14, our nation’s law legalizing euthanasia. The newly appointed Minister actually voted against the bill, but it was not because he was opposed to euthanasia, instead believing the law was too restrictive.

Fortunately, we do have David Anderson, MP from Saskatchewan, pushing for protection rights to be added to the law. Check out ARPA’s response to this issue and be sure to use their EasyMail system to contact your own MP


On Friday, January 18th, Washington DC was host to the 46th annual March For Life (followed the next day by the pro-abortion women’s march), but the big news was New York signing into law a new bill permitting abortion up to birth (subject to the woman’s “health”, a vague, undefined word).

But how does that affect us here in Canada? Well, it doesn’t, but that is because Canada continues to have no law concerning abortion. At all. Abortion at any time, for any reason, is paid for by the taxpayer. Click here for more information. As the Americans are shocked at what one of, if not the, most ‘progressive’ state has done in regards to regulations on abortion, they continue to pale in comparison to our own nation’s cowardice on this issue.

One good thing about these more ‘progressive’ laws is that they bring the issue of abortion back to the minds of the public, and may lead to ever more numbers realizing that the taking of an innocent human life is simply wrong, on every level, and never something to be celebrated.