Political Update - December 15th, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Not a lot of new information to bring up this week, per se, but there are several new articles this week that I have come across in my usual circles. In these updates, I am trying to remain focused on issues pertaining to education and family rights from a Christian worldview. I do ask you to take some time and look at the first article, as it does give you an opportunity to act and pressure the government to respond. Additionally, if you come across any news articles you’d like to share, or have specific questions or concerns, feel free to relay them to me.

Thank you,

Eldon Siemens

New issues.

Request to the Alberta Ombudsman

On Friday night, Jeremy Williamson posted an open letter to the Alberta Ombudsman on the Concerned Parents of School District #76. His letter notes dozens of concerns that have been brought forward by parents regarding various levels of the education system, from the Minister himself to teachers and non-Alberta Education individuals. The list is extensive, but I urge you to read the whole document, sign it, and encourage others to do the same.  

Catholic teachers must adhere to Catholic lifestyles

The absolute nerve of a Christian (in this case, Catholic) school requiring staff to adhere to the same belief system that school exists to propagate and protect! At least, that’s how the left views in, including the Education Minister, David Eggen. He has demanded the Catholic school boards hand over their employment agreements. Naturally, Bill 24 was also referred to regarding “freedom from discrimination,” and the comments on this issue are exactly as you would expect: “remove funding!”, “separation of church and state!”, “bigots!”. Nothing new, in other words, but once again they are pushing to have any opposing ideology shut down. The Edmonton Journal posted an article on this earlier in the week. On Friday, on CHQR AM770, Danielle Smith spoke with Dr. Kristopher Wells and John Carpay regarding Catholic Schools VS LGBTQ Teachers (starts at 6:00), but this woman drives me batty, insisting you can be Catholic while not holding to Catholic beliefs on marriage and sexuality.

Parental control

While 8 months old, was interested to stumble across this video from a school in St Paul where children were removed from their school without parental consent, as well as continued disrespect by the school board. This event is also referenced in the Ombudsman letter above.

Marriage as part of Sex Ed

Cardus has a lot to offer in the support of the family, and last week put out a report arguing the need change sex ed curriculum to include marriage as a key component. I haven’t gotten a chance to read the report yet, however, so cannot comment on the contents.

Government Bills

Bill 24 - GSAs

“[Parents] do not expect their underage children to be ushered off school property during class time – without their knowledge – and provided with over 100 condoms and a disturbingly graphic “how-to” sexual flip book.” - Poorly written laws leave kids at risk, Theresa Ng & Donna Trimble (Parents for Choice in Education) in a Lethbridge Herald opinion piece.

John Stackhouse wrote a great piece for the Context with Lorna Dueck news website, discussing what GSAs were meant to be and what they’ve become. He clearly identifies what the concerns are and why they are no longer merely social gatherings for pizza and support, as the Minister claims.

Lastly, Part 2 of Faith Beyond Belief’s discussion with Donna Trimble regarding Are We Losing Parental Rights? is available, and I recommend listening to it if you have 45 minutes available.