Political Update - December 28th, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great Christmas break thus far, spending lots of time with family and friends, and possibly eating more than you should have. I know I have, on all accounts, however we haven’t even held our big Christmas party yet (the annual Christmas get together of 4 generations of Siemens is tomorrow). It is times like that that we really see the blessings of a large family, something local MP Garnett Genuis wrote in defense of 2 weeks ago in the Sherwood Park News. The home educating population as a whole has a large number of large families, as any visit to AHEA will attest, and our children are why we do what we do. Remember that every day and continue to hold them close.

Being the weeks before and after Christmas, there is not a lot going on, but here are several articles have caught my attention relating to issues of family, parental rights and home education.

Eldon Siemens

Bill 24 & GSAs

Request to the Alberta Ombudsman

I continue to encourage you to sign Jeremy Williamson’s open letter to the Alberta Ombudsman as found on the Concerned Parents of School District #76 website. His letter notes dozens of concerns that have been brought forward by parents regarding various levels of the education system, from the Minister himself to teachers and non-Alberta Education individuals. The list is extensive, but I urge you to read the whole document, sign it, and encourage others to do the same.  It currently only has 433 signatures, a number I am saddened to see so low, so please check it out before doing anything else.

Letters to Minister Eggen

In what often may feel like a hopeless cause, Catherine Van Kampen has been writing open letters to the Minister, with her final letter of 2018 summarizing her thoughts. I just recently found this blog and have only read a few, but she seems to have a lot of good things to say in her blog (I especially like the one from November 18th). Give them a read. Perhaps it may be a torch you as well can take up, offering the Minister your thoughts as a private, voting, citizen of Alberta whom he has a responsibility to listen to.

Informing the Public

If you have not yet read any articles by Licia Corbella regarding the examples brought before the Court of Appeals in the fight against Bill 24, she spoke on the radio with Danielle Smith on Dec 10th about these issues. Keep informed on these cases.  

Parenting Shift

There have been a number of articles regarding a young boy, “Desmond Is Amazing”, that define the decline of our society, which you may want to look up, should you have not yet heard of him, but one article in particular points to his case as one wherein it is now the parents who are being groomed to accept the new morality. We must recognize this and ensure we fight back against this shift. Additionally, I discovered an old Maclean’s article from 3 years ago on the collapse of parenting, something as relevant today as it was then.  

Other Issues

Education Scores

The Fraser Institute’s blog put out a short little article indicating the failure of the Alberta education system. It appears we are not doing as well as we should, or could, be doing. As home educators, we mustn’t allow the numbers to dictate our learning plans over the relationships we are building with our children, but at the same time, they can not be ignored.

A Global Movement

The new gender construct is not restricted to Canada, it is active around the world. Those in Australia are now addressing conversion therapy, with one organization putting out a quick short 90-second video on the issue.

The End of an Era

MP Pierre Poilievre put out a great video on the closure of the House of Commons. It’s a beautiful piece of our nation’s history about to undergo renovations for an unknown period of time with an unknown cost. I only wish I could have gone inside to see it when I was in Ottawa last year.