Political Update - December 9th, 2018

Thanks for tuning in, once again I hope you find this helpful. I’m probably going to try to compile this in my website once I get around to rebuilding it, but in the meantime, feel free to forward anything I write to your friends and family, should you feel this a valuable resource.

Eldon Siemens

Bill 24

What a week! Lots going on in response to the appeal Monday to Bill 24, but at this time we have had no answer from the justices (expect a response in a few months, from what I understand).

To start off, from Faith Beyond Belief, I’d like to recommend Shafer Parker’s video summary on how Government Threatens Christian Schools. Shafer and Jojo Ruba also interviewed Donna Trimble for their weekly podcast, part 1 out now. Well worth the listen.

On the Parents for Choice in Education front, Donna Trimble and Theresa Ng put out a new article on Thursday detailing some of the revelations which had come out at the court hearing on Monday.

Further details in two Calgary Herald articles from Licia Corbella regarding the alarming revelations brought forward at the hearing, as well as the bad info being provided to the court, are must reads. Jonathon Van Maren at The Bridgehead covers both these articles and adds his own thoughts to the conversation.

Basically, we are at the point where a child of any age can be offered ‘help’ through a GSA and taken off the school site by literally anyone, WITHOUT a parent being informed and/or providing their consent, or even supervision by school staff. If I offer a child a candy and they come willingly with me anywhere, I’d be charged with kidnapping, but when this happens under a GSA, the same standards do not apply. (if someone can find fault in this train of thought, correct me, please)

Alberta Bill 22: An Act for Strong Families Building Stronger Communities

As I mentioned last week, I have a number of concerns with this bill and what it does to the family, and that is not making them stronger. On December 4th, the Committee of the Whole finished up their discussions (all politics, no substance) and was passed on 3rd reading on the 5th. If you are involved in or are considering adoption or foster care in the future, this will impact you, as it tells you how you must raise said children. Andre Schutten from ARPA Canada had his opinion column published in the Lethbridge Herald on Dec 6th. Again, for all legislative discussions on this bill, see the Bill 22 assembly records.

John Carpay - JCCF

If you do not know who John is, he is the founder behind the JCCF, and has done a lot of work fighting for our constitutional freedoms against governments and their tentacles that continually try to strike them down. Last month (Nov 10) John spoke at a Rebel Live event here in Calgary, following which he was attacked and black-listed by several media sources. Vince Byfield from TheChristians.com details the events here. Please lift up him and the rest of his team in your prayers, they do a lot of great work.