Political Update - January 13th, 2019

On Facebook on January 2nd, I shared an article by John Robson (highly recommend his articles to students of history and politics), where I stated that “we need fewer politicians and more people who just want to get things done.” For whatever reason, this revelation stuck with me for the next few days, particularly in areas where the government should not or does not need to exist. It is with this in mind that I have decided to focus this ‘newsletter’ into a sort of blog with weekly updates, and see where it ends up.

Whereas social conservative issues are the punching bag for the NDP and Liberals, and a red flag or no-go-zone to the UCP, I believe these issues are the most important ones we need to focus on today. We must continue to stand up and fight for what we believe in: a strong province and nation based in strong communities and even stronger families. My goal is to keep people informed through a weekly summary of articles discussing the current state of politics and culture in Alberta, especially those concerning the family and the communities supporting it.

I have taken my website and repurposed it with this goal in mind, so feel free to look around, share it with others and contact  me with any issues you may feel we need to look at in greater depth. With that being said, there has been a lot in the news this week, so I’ll try to focus that here for you now.

Thank you,
Eldon Siemens


Bill 24 Court Challenge

On Tuesday January 8th, ARPA Canada was given Intervener Status in the court challenge regarding the constitutionality of the Alberta government’s Bill 24. This allows them to bring forward further evidence as to why the bill goes against the nation’s constitution and stand up for Alberta parents and family. If you are able to support this group, please do. Here is their first video of the new year, if you’re interested in what they have planned going forward.

Education Minister - David Eggen

As we see regularly, Mr Eggen is working hard to remove any religious values from the government education system. While it was initially an attack on the Catholic schools who required their staff to live according to Catholic beliefs, he has now gone the next step in actively requesting similar employment contract information from other “publicly funded religious schools.” While the Charter was initially created to protect individuals from the government, it is now being used to ensure individuals abide by new government regulations.

Sex-Ed in Public Education?

I think we are probably near the point where the state should get out children’s sex education, because there is no cultural consent as to what it should be, so I think that should devolve back to the family.” - Dr Jordan Peterson

There is great value in this stance, as Jonathon Van Meren points out regarding the above statement (and others) by Dr Peterson. The LGBT activists and the conservative and/or religious right will never agree, and as such, any such broad-based instruction on such a sensitive topic must be removed from the school system. You can agree or disagree, but while the state is struggling to grow its monopoly on the training of our children, only one ideology can win out and that is what is going to be taught. My thoughts? Better no ideology than the wrong ideology.

School Choice

So we have seen the Alberta Education Minister argue against religious organizations requiring their staff to follow their religious beliefs, after we had Bill 24 implemented, attempting to enforce progressive sexual ideology on our children from which we cannot remove them. Fortunately, here in Alberta, we have choice on our side, right? Sadly, for years we have had several groups, the Alberta Teachers Association included, argue against the separate Catholic, private, charter and homeschool options. The responses have been back and forth, with one opinion column after another. You may choose the public system for yourself and your kids, but never forget that you were given the opportunity to choose, especially when many around the world do not have that option...

Homeschooling in Germany

The ECHR said officials in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt, were reasonable in assuming the parents had "endangered their children by not sending them to school".

"Based on the information available at the time, the domestic authorities had reasonably assumed that the children were isolated, had had no contact with anyone outside of the family, and that a risk to their physical integrity had existed," the court added. - BBC News

Have you heard this anywhere before? “What about socialization?” For homeschoolers, this ridiculous question just won’t go away, and even the courts in Germany fall for this nonsense. Home educating is illegal in Germany, which is sadly ironic, considering how the UN Declaration of Human rights enshrined parents having "a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children" as a response to the Nazi indoctrination of that same nation’s youth.

All this being said, the power we have as parents over our children’s education, especially in such sensitive areas as sexuality, are clearly at risk at this very moment. If we do not stand up against this now, we will lose what rights we have now.

Gender Identity

It’s a big issue underlying much of our society today, one we cannot get around, appearing in seemingly every issue facing culture today, often intentionally so.

The APA on Boys & Men

This week the APA (American Psychological Association) released the Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men to much consternation from the general public and active psychologists. While I have not read the document myself, I have read several articles on the issues that it purports to attend to: “traditional masculinity” (Post Millennial, National Review and follow-up) in particular, and how that subsequently affects marriage (Washington Examiner). Here’s a 20-minute video by Gad Saad with his thoughts on it, followed by an hour long video by Stefan Molyneux if you want a deeper, more philosophical review. Going back 5 months, Allie Stuckey did a video for PragerU, which is also relevant to how we got to this point.