it's who I am

What we believe influences every aspect of our lives. How we view the world around us determines how we will interact with it. If you are fighting to protect that which is most valuable to you, anything else may be cast aside. As such, I'd like to share with you what is most valuable to me.


I grew up in a close-knit family, never once having missed a Siemens-family Christmas with my grandparents, uncles & aunts and all my cousins. I have been blessed with strong family ties that only continue to grow over the years, and thank God for my parents and grandparents and for all they have done to support me as I have grown up, forming me into the man I am today. Sadly, it is not so for many today, for many different reasons. We cannot change our history, but we can create an environment where our children are given the opportunity to experience and strengthen these bonds. 


The more I get involved in the community, the more I see how dependent we are on each other. Having had my focus on Bowness for so many years, I am not sure what sorts of activities take place in other communities, but here in Bowness we have a vibrant and active community with a real, small town feeling. For those who pay attention to our bi-monthly newspaper, the Bowestn'er, you will quickly see a calendar that has events throughout the year. Our little community is a constant bustle of activity, and I'd love to see more support for local events and businesses throughout the riding. 

In the last few years, perhaps even decades, there has been an increase in 'tribalism', which may be defined as the behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one's own tribe or social group (Google). This destructive behavior needs to end. We need to find common ground on which to stand; family and community is often that place, regardless of our ideology. While we may not agree on how to accomplish a specific goal, we often have the same goal in mind - protection of those we love and the communities in which we live.

Corporate Culture

Over the past decade while working for Convergint Technologies, I have developed many new skills and matured in my responsibilities. These skills, I believe, have given me the foundation needed to confidently fulfill the role of Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. When Convergint was founded, they set apart 10 Values and Beliefs in order to guide the company. After 12 years of having them drilled into me, they seem to have taken hold. 

I'd like to point out 3 that are, to me, the most important values on Convergint’s list of Values and Beliefs. The first is “I have integrity.” Sadly, many do not see integrity in our politicians today and have grown apathetic to the political process. Instead, we must continue to fight for representatives who will not only do what they say, but also actually listen to their constituents. This is where V&B #4 comes into play, “I keep everyone informed.” I promise to always respond to you personally, as this is key to honest communication and making sure everyone who wants to know, knows what is going on. The third value I want to point out is “I make responsible decisions. Timely, educated and cost effective.” This is where I have been most disappointed in the current NDP and federal Liberal parties. We have seen processes ignored at great expense, decisions delayed until it’s too late to make cost effective choices, and adding billions to our provincial debt. The additional billions in interest payments alone will continue to add to the bill our children will be paying off for years to come.