I'm the one on the far left...doesn't sound right, does it? 

Eldon Siemens - By The Numbers

  • 35 years old, lifelong Albertan
  • 18 years lived in Bowness
  • 11 years married to Marie-Helene
  • 4 kids - Aged 10, 8, 7 and 4
  • 18 years spent serving customers
    • 8 years at McDonalds & Tim Hortons
    • 10 years as service technician at Convergint Technologies
  • 3 years in Constituency Board involvement in Calgary-Bow
    • 2 years as Secretary


As with most kids in Alberta, I began attending public school at age 5 in Fort McMurray. Half way through Grade 1, my parents decided to take me out of the public school and began home education, still a young movement in Alberta at the time. Except for Grade 6, wherein I attended a private school for one year, I was homeschooled until returning to the public system in Grade 9 at T. B. Riley Jr High, here in Bowness. Days before starting at Bowness High School, my family moved back to Fort McMurray for work, where I went on to graduate with honours at Westwood Community High School. 

After completing high school, I went on to take a 1-year certificate at what is now Ambrose University College in SW Calgary and a 2-year Computer Technology diploma at SAIT. 

Work Experience

From grade 11 through to 2003, I worked at McDonalds, followed up by another 4 years at Tim Hortons, making my way up to the position of manager. I learned many important skills in this period and now recognize how important working in such an industry is in developing our young people today. Since 2006, I have been working as a security systems installer and service technician for Convergint Technologies, one of the fastest growing systems integrator in the world. In this role, I have been forced to learn and to grow, the importance of keeping everyone informed and, perhaps most importantly, how to make responsible decisions, ones that are "timely, educated and cost effective." For more on this, continue on to my Values & Beliefs section

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